OPS TOP10: SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes


For our third Ops Top 10, we decided we’d go for something both funny and nostalgic, and what better than to talk about everyone’s favorite children’s cartoon: SpongeBob SquarePants. We watched around a dozen episodes in our office to come up with this list — and then we decided that it probably wasn’t necessary to watch the episodes because we could just discuss them from memory. Not that any of us felt like it was a waste of an afternoon to be watching SpongeBob. So here is the fruit of our labors: Our picks for the 10 best SpongeBob episodes. Are you ready kids?


1. Band Geeks

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

I wanted to write something full of enormous and exaggerated praise for this episode (my all-time favorite episode), but that isn’t really suited to this episode. In the end, it’s just about Squidward putting together a band, and they all put on a rock show for some humans at a football game. Yes, you read that correctly. But that’s why it’s so great — it’s a fun story, it showcases all the best characters (which is all of them) and it has the greatest ending of any episode with the performance of “Sweet Victory,” a wonderful 80s-style rock anthem, by this motley band of sea creatures. (There’s also that “is mayonnaise an instrument” bit, which became the greatest of all SpongeBob memes.) -Quinn Minten, Opinions Editor


2. Graveyard Shift

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

The best SpongeBob episodes are arguably the ones in which Squidward is tormented by SpongeBob’s antics and in this episode he gets trapped into working with him during the night shift at the Krusty Krab. In an effort to curb SpongeBob’s enthusiasm for the shift, Squidward attempts to spook him by telling him the frightening tale of the “Hash-Slinging Slasher.” SpongeBob’s reaction to the story alone is hilarious, screaming so much at one point that Squidward visibly begins to regret his decision. And, of course, Squidward loses in the end by psyching himself out and fearing the Hash-Slinging Slasher just as much as SpongeBob. Squidward and SpongeBob manage to keep every scene interesting by themselves and the unique setting of the Krusty Krab at night provides for a distinctive and hilarious episode. -Christal Mims, Copy Editor


3. The Camping Episode

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

Let’s gather around the campfire everyone, so I may take you back to this glorious episode that was so much more than a minute-long song about campfire songs. From Squidward’s disgust with SpongeBob actually provoking him to come “camping” with the two neighbors he was hoping would be gone, to the many interesting conditions that provoke the dreaded sea bear attack, this episode is full of hilarious yet cohesive jokes and references. There isn’t a stale moment and the iconic Campfire Song Song makes this one of the funniest episodes in the series. -Christian May-Suzuki, Assistant Sports Editor


4. Club SpongeBob

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

In a desperate attempt to escape SpongeBob and Patrick’s treehouse, Squidward flings them back to the middle of a kelp forest. We all feel for Squidward as he wails, “Why must every 11 minutes of my life be filled with misery? Why!!??” referring to the length of each episode. And who could forget the magic conch shell that SpongeBob and Patrick religiously follow much to Squidward’s dismay; even denying Squidward food from the picnic that fell “right out of the sky” because he wouldn’t “consult the magic conch” on what to eat first (even though the conch steadfastly denies him the food anyway). So, in the spirit of Lord of the Flies, all hail the magic conch! -Evan Ismail, Assistant News Editor


5. The Idiot Box

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

This episode takes me back to my childhood, last week actually, when I played in big, empty cardboard boxes with my “Imaginaaaaaation.” I think everyone has memories of playing with something that was not intended to be a toy but you used as such anyway. The memes alone that this episode has generated are legendary, especially the “Nobody cares”  meme, which I need to get printed on my business cards. Also, don’t forget to honor all those pirates who gave their lives defending Robot Pirate Island. -Jon Hammond, Sports Editor

6. Frankendoodle

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

“Mee hoy minoy”: This is the screeching battle cry SpongeBob and Patrick hear as they try to (literally) erase the abhorrent Doodlebob from existence. “Frankendoodle” plays on the classic Frankenstein tale pretty well, with SpongeBob accidentally creating a monster as part of a harmless prank on Squidward. What follows is absolute chaos and hilarity as they try to get the magic pencil back from Doodlebob. Honestly, given all the outrageous situations that arise (such as Doodlebob scoring two bowling strikes out of Patrick or the final act of the episode with Doodlebob taking vengeance on SpongeBob) it’s a shame Doodlebob didn’t make a comeback in any future episodes. But hey, at least we get an iconic antagonist (at least for our generation) and memorable battle cries to boot. *Mee hoy minoy’s into the distance* -Adrian Garcia, Assistant Radar Editor

7. Rock Bottom

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

Ah yes, the famous dialect of deepest place in the sea known affectionately to us as “Rock Bottom” has sprayed as much spit as a herd of llamas on a hot summer day. The way that this episode plays on the idea of racial and cultural differences in a way that appeals to children is unique, and the fear that SpongeBob has of the difference is presented in a non-insulting way. Props to this episode for finding subtlety and humor in one of the more difficult subjects in American civil politics while covering it in a layer of spit. -Christian May-Suzuki, Assistant Sports Editor


8. Chocolate with Nuts

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

Wat? Wat did you say? “Chocolate With Nuts” isn’t one of the most legendary animated works of the 21st century? Well, to you I say, “CHOOOOOCOLAAAATE!” Not only is this episode a gloriously creative display of the ease with which a conman can swindle, but it also shows kids everywhere that hey, you can purchase bags to carry bags which hold bags which contain your dollar-priced chocolate bars. This is “Fancy Living” at its finest. Throw in that this episode offers a few of the series’ most memorable lines and I’d say it deserves to be at the top of this list — even if having to con its way up there. -Myles Andrews-Duve, Editor-in-Chief


9. No Weenies Allowed

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

“No Weenies Allowed” is chock-full of classic SpongeBob antics and silliness. In a desperate bid to impress Sandy and make it inside the Salty Spitoon, a sailor club for Bikini Bottom’s toughest fish, SpongeBob performs many outrageous acts to prove his toughness and gain entrance to the club. From pretending to be a muscular fish’s tattoo, to putting on a “tough” rainbow wig, SpongeBob fails multiple times because his natural naivete and innocence betrays his disguises. Although he finally gains access to the mysterious club with Patrick’s help, he is carried out on a stretcher moments after because of his own clumsiness. Ultimately, what makes this episode great is the message behind it: Never try to be anything besides yourself, or else you might slip on an ice cube and severely injure yourself.  -Betteena Marco, Assistant Opinions Editor


10. The Fry Cook Games

Courtesy of Nickolodeon

The ultimate showdown between the famous Krusty Krab and the infamous Chum Bucket in all of SpongeBob history. What began as a competition between Plankton and Mr. Krabs, turned into a friendship-challenging competition between SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick. After humorous Olympics-styled events, including ice cream diving, the episode enters its climax when the two swole friends fight it out in a wrestling deathmatch. As they try mutilating each other, they yell out “Yellow” and “Pink,” creating a commentary on racism. Before their friendship was ruined forever, their pants rip, revealing their underwear championing each other’s respective skin colors, bringing the two friends to a catharsis as they walk out together arm in arm, proving friendship knows no bounds. -Jacob Gonzalez, Marketing Coordinator

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