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The Highlander Newspaper office is located in HUB101 at UC Riverside.
You can contact the front desk at (951) 827-3617 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

About Us

The Highlander is committed to the pursuit of truth, the free exchange of information and ideas and maintaining a fair and independent student voice. The Highlander exists to serve its readership, comprised of the community at and around University of California, Riverside and the Inland Empire as a whole. In our pursuit of the truth, we will provide accurate information relevant to the experiences and interests of our readers. The Highlander seeks to foster an environment where student journalists learn the necessary skills to become probing, fair and critical in their writing and thought. We strive to go beyond basic reporting through vigorous investigation, analysis of the facts and creative thinking.

Mailing Address

Highlander Newspaper
101 Highlander Union Building
Riverside, CA 92507


The Highlander business department offers local and national advertisers opportunities to reach our reader base through print and online marketing.

For all advertising inquiries, contact the Highlander business manager Tamara Sasso at highlanderads@gmail.com or via phone at (951) 827-3457.

Op-ed and Letter to Editor Submissions

You may submit a letter to the editor or op-ed to our Opinions editor Christian Monroy at opinions@highlandernews.org.

The Highlander does not guarantee the publication of submissions. The Highlander maintains the right to edit content for clarity and grammatical accuracy. All submissions must be original and exclusive to the Highlander. Submissions become property of the Highlander upon an affirmative decision to publish.


News: Send news tips to our news editor Evan Ismail at news@highlandernews.org.

Features: Send features tips to our features editor at features@highlandernews.org.

Arts and Entertainment: Send arts and entertainment tips to our arts and entertainment editor Julian Medranda at radar@highlandernews.org.

Sports: Send sports tips to our sports editor Jon Hammond at sports@highlandernews.org.

General Inquiries

For general inquiries, legal matters or tips contact our Editor-in-Chief Myles Andrews-Duve at editorinchief@highlandernews.org. Phone number: 951-827-2105.

Alternatively, you can contact our Business Manager Tamara Sasso at highlandersads@ucr.edu. Phone number: 951-827-3457.

Technical Difficulties and Website Issues

If experiencing technical difficulties and/or website issues contact our tech director Kevin Ciampaglia at techdirector@highlandernews.org.


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